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Our Top Truck Challenge Pick

Posted by Luke Graham on 3/1/2013 to News

Our Top Truck Challenge Pick: Jon Bommarito

You can tell a lot about a guy by looking at his truck. If a rig is too pretty, one might assume it's all show and no go. Jon Bommarito of Sacramento, California couldn't be accused of such a thing. No, his truck shows evidence that he wheels hardcore and isn't afraid to get after it.

Jon will be our top pick this year in Four Wheeler Magazine's Top Truck Challenge. Since Frontier 4x4 is no stranger to Toyota builds, we gotta say that we are completely biased towards Bommarito's Trail-Gear laden '84 Toyota pickup, and with good reason. The off-road community should take notice when he rolls his rig into Hollister Hills for a day of wheeling.

Jon started with a stock '84 Toyota pickup and added Trail-Gear Super Flex Front Leaf Springs and Bilstein shocks a couple years ago for a super flexy front end. Later, he added a Trail-Gear Fully Loaded Six Shooter Toyota Knuckle Kit and Trunnion Bearing eliminator kit to build the tough steering system he'll need at TTC.

If you haven't sent in your Top Truck Challenge Ballot from the April Issue of Four Wheeler Magazine yet, save a spot for #7, Jon Bommarito, and get it sent back before the end of March, so that we can all live out our Top Truck dreams through him and his Toyota pickup!